Testing material allergy

Special laboratory diagnostics for material & allergy testing

Many patients come to our practice with suspected allergies or intolerances to dental restorative materials.

In fact, allergies or intolerances to the dental material are not only possible, but unfortunately nothing unusual.

Such allergies and intolerances can basically exist to a wide variety of material classes, such as metals, plastics, root filling materials, ceramic additives, adhesives and cements, as well as medications and local anesthetics.

In our practice, a corresponding anamnesis as well as comprehensive diagnostics for these allergies and intolerances as well as possible related diseases of the whole organism are carried out.

Depending on the indication, testing is carried out by means of laboratory findings or – in certain cases – within the framework of kinesiological testing.

Furthermore, therapies in the field of regulatory medicine are available to us in order to reduce complaints in this stress aspect.

The highest basic principle however with allergies or incompatibilities is always the exposure stop or however the reduction of the ill-making cause!

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