Amalgam rehabilitation under protective protocol

Amalgam rehabilitation according to protocol in Vienna

Biologically holistic dentistry strives for consistently metal-free dentistry, as metals in the oral cavity are materials that can prove potentially harmful to the human organism.

One application of dental metals is the use of amalgam in dentistry. Especially the mercury content of amalgam dental fillings with its highly toxic properties is a potential problem and risk when using amalgam.

Amalgam is therefore basically a dental alloy containing the heavy metal mercury. Mercury is toxic and can individually represent an extremely high burden for the human organism. Mercury can interact with other substances in the body and inhibit important functions of the organism.
A significant contribution to this is the professional removal of amalgam in our practice in Vienna.

We perform the removal of amalgam in our practice according to strict protocol and precautions, so as to reduce any possible stressful effect of metals on the body and the human organism.

On the one hand, a so-called cofferdam is used as standard and, in combination with an effective suction technique, no amalgam particles enter the oral cavity.

The actual amalgam filling is carefully removed at reduced speed, so that no heat is generated during which gaseous mercury escapes.

Furthermore, in our practice you will receive oxygen through the nose during this treatment in order to be able to offer absolute safety in this way as well.

We can also offer an adequate individual detoxification therapy in our practice, so that heavy metal contamination can be reduced as much as possible.

If there are special requirements or wishes from other therapists (holistic physicians, osteopaths, kinesiologists, etc.) for amalgam removal, we will be happy to accommodate them.

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