Interference field diagnostics

Interference field remediation in the oral cavity
at the Center for Biological Dentistry and Implantology in Vienna

In holistic medicine, interference fields are scars and fractures, chronic inflammatory foci due to root-treated teeth or chronic inflammatory areas in the jawbone. Biological dentistry has set itself the goal of efficiently and gently remediating these interference fields until there are no interference fields left in the oral cavity. With proper diagnostics as well as special surgical techniques, the structural changes can be completely eliminated.

Various interference fields in the oral cavity

Common interference fields include root-treated teeth. They are often chronic inflammatory foci that can cause problems directly in the mouth, but also elsewhere in the body.

A number of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, allergies, inflammatory bowel diseases, Crohn’s disease, rheumatological diseases and autoimmune diseases, Hashimoto’s disease, multiple sclerosis, ALS, but also psychological problems can be massively intensified via damaging interference fields in the mouth – due to their negative immune modulation on the entire organism.

Chronic inflammation in the jawbone is often the result of extraction wounds that have not healed well. The bone is subjected to fatty degenerative change and toxins and harmful inflammatory messengers (cytokines) are formed. These can be the cause of chronic fatigue, skin and intestinal problems or joint pain.


Many sites of inflammation can be partially detected by a classic panoramic radiograph (OPG). A clear diagnosis of complex foci or bony changes can be achieved by a three-dimensional X-ray image (digital volume tomography, DVT). A DVT can accurately determine the extent of the inflammatory focus or bone necrosis. DVT 3D diagnostics makes it possible to precisely measure the anatomical structures and the available bone in order to perform surgical interference field restoration or implantation under the best possible conditions.

Any irritation of the immune system can also be detected in the laboratory. We will be happy to inform you in detail about this type of diagnostics.


The focus of inflammation is removed as completely as possible by surgical intervention. Likewise, areas with inflammatory changes are removed. Finally, the region is disinfected with ozone. Only bacteria, viruses and fungi are killed; the body’s own cells are not attacked. In order to put as little strain as possible on the organism, all interventions are performed as minimally invasive as possible. Often, after the procedure, special drugs of biological medicine are administered, which have an anti-inflammatory effect and serve as protection against infection. Antibiotics can be dispensed with in many cases.

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