Ceramic implants

Biologically compatible dental roots made of zirconium oxide -ceramic implants at ZBZI

Ceramic implants represent a metal-free implant restoration and are sometimes referred to as bio-implants because they combine esthetic appeal and biocompatibility.

Ceramic implants provide both high-quality esthetic and functional solutions in all aspects of modern implantology. Ceramic implantology is the suitable implant restoration of choice especially for patients with certain medical requirements, but also biologically holistic expectations.


Ceramic implants are very well tolerated and heal well and firmly into the bone.


A lifetime free of inflammation.


Ceramic implants are naturally white. The aesthetic solution for a beautiful smile.

At the Center for Biological Dentistry and Implantology, the initial situation is analyzed and an individual consultation and planning of the implant restoration is carried out independently of implant system manufacturers.

The doctors at the Center for Biological Dentistry and Implantology have been very familiar with all aspects of ceramic implantology and most ceramic implant systems on the world market for very many years.
Depending on the initial situation and indication, both one-piece ceramic implants and two-piece ceramic implants can therefore be used in our practice.

We use different ceramic implant systems, which are used appropriately for the respective initial situation.

Among other things, ceramic implant systems are also used in which it is possible to exchange the abutment components in order to be prepared for future changes in the oral cavity and to be able to react in an uncomplicated manner. In this way it is possible, for example, to extend a single implant to an implant-supported bridge.

A special characteristic is the white tooth color of the implant material, the natural appearance and a significantly better attachment of the ceramic implant to the soft tissue compared to titanium implants.

The soft tissue around ceramic implants is characterized by outstanding tissue perfusion, similar to that of the patient’s own teeth. Due to this natural attachment of the soft tissue to the ceramic implant, the esthetics are the same as with the patient’s own natural tooth and tooth root, which can be particularly advantageous for restorations in the anterior region.

In the case of titanium implants, both the bone and the soft tissue may recede to a greater extent over time, possibly resulting in a grayish dark metallic sheen at the transition point between the crown and the gum.

Ceramic implants are naturally restored prosthetically with crowns or bridges made of ceramic and zirconium oxide, so that in the end a highly esthetic and functional metal-free restoration supports the body in a natural way. Compared to titanium implants, ceramic implants with a white implant body offer outstanding advantages in terms of esthetics and biological aspects.

Short treatment time

The ceramic implants we use are designed so that teeth can be extracted and implants placed within one session.

Ceramic implants are healthy

The implants we use are designed so that teeth can be extracted and implants placed within one session.

No dark edges

The light color of the ceramic implants eliminates annoying margins at the gumline or gray shining through.

Less pain

Patients report little to no pain following implant placement with the ceramic implants we use.

Advantages of ceramic implants:

  • metal-free restoration
  • Excellent healing (bone and soft tissue)
  • excellent aesthetics
  • reduced accumulation of plaque (dental plaque)
  • reduced risk of inflammation (periimplantitis)
  • immunologically neutral
  • biocompatible

In modern oral implantology, the classic implant material titanium is being replaced by ceramic implants by an increasing number of implantologists, oral surgeons with appropriate expertise in ceramic implantology.

The use of ceramic implants is excellent for oral conditions. The material zirconium oxide is immunologically neutral and absolutely biocompatible. Of course, ceramic implants have a particularly high tolerance, even for allergy sufferers.

Many people suffer from various metal intolerances or chronic pre-existing conditions; here, too, metal-free restorations can sometimes make a tremendous contribution to health.

The doctors of the Center for Biological Dentistry and Implantology have been using ceramic implantology for many years as a proven and scientifically documented implantation procedure with great success.

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