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at the Dental Office am Vorgartenmarkt in Vienna

Sick teeth do not only cause local pain, but can also be responsible for other acute or chronic diseases of the organism. When a tooth cannot be treated anymore, the last possibility left is often only the extraction. Even nowadays a sick tooth often involves loss of bones and gums. Patients are in pain and the denture often consists of non biocompatible materials, which can further harm the organism.

The disadvantages of metallic dentures

Metals that are used for dentures can have a toxic, allergic or inflammatory effect, depending on the stress level and individual sensitivity. In certain cases the metal load can also be intensified because a filling dental supplies or fillings are made of a metal mix of several metal alloys. Through corrosion or abrasion (when chewing), the metal is permanently released in the mouth and local hypersensitivity of the mucous membrane (redness, swelling) or also systemic effects on the whole organism through reactions of the immune system are favoured. These can be both allergic reactions as well as silent inflammations.

Biocompatibility together with perfect aesthetics

Zirconia implant SWISS QUALITY

Biological dentistry uses ceramic implants of zirconium oxide for fixed dentures. Zirconium oxide is an electrically neutral material, which does not have any interference field feature. It is metal-free and through its white colour also aesthetically particularly appealing. The ceramic implants are perfectly tolerated; thus, the tissue around the implant can optimally heal. Ceramic implants are perfect dentures and in terms of durability long-lasting. Single teeth just as well as whole tooth rows can be replaced. For removable dentures (prostheses) appropriate materials of biocompatible plastic are available.

Treatment concept according to biological basic principles

In our treatments we follow a comprehensive treatment concept according to biological basic principles. The health benefit and the general and comprehensive well-being of the patient are always our first priority. Step by step, all harming factors are as comprehensively as possible eliminated. Therefore, the healing process goes quickly and possibly without the additional administration of antibiotics. Before treatment, of course, through 3D diagnostic X-rays, the condition of the residual bone and the adjacent nerves and tissue structures are investigated.

The implants will be perfectly fitted to your jaw and thanks to the rather short healing process, they can quickly be fully burdened. Thanks to the surface structure of the ceramic, less bacteria or plaque is formed. This also considerably reduces the risk of gingivitis.

Biological Dentistry with Ceramic Implants at the ZBZI – the Centre for Biological Dentistry and Implantology and the Dental Office am Vorgartenmarkt in Vienna