Holistic dentistry

Biological and holistic dentistry in Vienna

An important guiding principle among the dentists at the Center for Biological Dentistry and Implantology is that we take a biological and holistic approach to all consultations and therapies, respecting the biology of the body.

Biologically holistic physicians and dentists know from empirical medicine and functional medicine that about 80% of general problems and diseases have their origin or connection with the mouth and jaw area.

Many acute and chronic complaints in other regions of the body can therefore have their cause in the dental and jaw region.

In the same way, however, problems in the oral area may well have their origin in other body systems or also through medication.

In this sense, different scientifically oriented as well as complementary medical procedures are applied in diagnostics as well as therapy.

With the biological holistic dentistry we pursue in our dental practice in Vienna, we use procedures or apply materials that are tested for their biological compatibility.

Furthermore, not only an interdisciplinary cooperation within the dental specialties is important for us, but even more an intensive interdisciplinary cooperation with all specialties of medicine.

An important concern for us is to support the body in its function as gently and minimally invasive as possible, in order to be able to work in the sense of a regulatory medicine.

Silent Inflammations

So-called silent inflammations can have a systemic negative effect on the whole body, affecting overall health. Such foci of inflammation can also take their starting point in the jawbone.

By means of modern imaging such as three-dimensional digital volume tomography or ultrasound diagnostics, inflammations of this type can be detected and treated.

In the case of a compromised immune system or also to promote wound healing, we use infusions as an adjunctive therapy.

Therefore, the mouth is not only an isolated organ system, but a central switching point of the body, which has an immense influence on the overall structure of the human being, not only locally, but also systemically.

The focus is thus – depending on your wishes – on a biologically holistic view of both the oral conditions and the dental situation as well as the entire initial physical situation.

Within the framework of our biologically holistic dental approach, we therefore consider the body and human organism as a whole and not just the specific dental problem separately during any treatment in our practice.

This is elementary, as there can be interactions between problems in the oral cavity with problems in other areas of the body.

Because a healthy oral cavity is a prerequisite for holistic health.

It is only under this approach that our doctors plan a restorative restoration, be it a classic dental implant, a crown, a bridge, a denture or a ceramic implant.


Metals basically affect the body in many possible directions of stress.

  1. The first direction of exposure represents the possible allergy or intolerance to metals or alloy components.
  2. Secondly, each metal represents a foreign body for our body’s immune system, which can potentially trigger processes or contribute to the development or promotion of systemic diseases, chronic diseases, autoimmune diseases or neurodegenerative diseases.
  3. Metals can individually increase inflammation.
  4. The electrical conductivity of metals represents another load direction. Metallic materials in the mouth react with electromagnetic radiation by acting as small antennas. In addition, the radiation is intensified and the surrounding tissue is significantly heated.
  5. Metals can be toxic for the organism.

For these reasons, biologically holistic dentistry aims to provide metal-free care in the mouth, as metals can cause a wide variety of allergic, immunological and inflammatory reactions.

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