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Center for Biological Dentistry / Implantology

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Please call ahead to make an appointment.
→ Individual and special treatment appointments will also be gladly arranged with you.

We are glad that you visit us.

Please let us know not only your wishes, but also any special considerations or even basic fears and worries, so that we can respond to you as a person without restriction.

At the Center for Biological Dentistry and Implantology we pay great attention to their individual needs. Thus, we always try to plan an appointment for you that is individually tailored to you.

Of course, in accordance with the medical necessities or else the individual requirements of their dental care.

The experienced team of the Center for Biological Dentistry & Implantology is waiting for you.


  • A4 take
  • Follow Schüttelstraße/B227
  • Take B8 to Ennsgasse

Travel time: about 20min

  • Schönaugasse, Conrad-von-Hötzendorf-Strasse and Liebenauer Tangente to S Motorway
  • Follow S Autobahn/E59 to Schüttelstraße/B227 in Vienna
  • follow Schüttelstraße/B227, B8 to Ennsgasse 2

Travel time: about 2h

  • Take A1
  • A1 and A21 to Schüttelstraße/B227 in Vienna
  • Follow Schüttelstraße/B227, B8 to Ennsgasse 2, 1020 Vienna

Travel time: about 3h

  • From B139 take A7
  • A1 and A21 to Schüttelstraße/B227 in Vienna
  • follow Schüttelstraße/B227, B8 to Ennsgasse 2

Travel time: about 2h

Center for Biological Dentistry / Implantology are elective doctors for all health insurance companies.
As a patient with insurance from a statutory health insurance fund, you have the right to choose your own doctor. This means you can decide for yourself whether you want to see a panel doctor or an elective doctor.

What does elective doctor mean?

Frequently asked questions about elective physicians:

The advantage of a consultation with an elective doctor is clearly the generous time structure that we allocate for taking an anamnesis, working out problem areas, getting to know each other and an initial consultation. Within the framework of modern individualized medicine, we take the time we need – irrespective of service catalogs and possible limitations imposed by health insurance companies.

This also applies to explaining the diagnostic information obtained and its significance as well as the possible therapeutic consequences resulting from it. Prior to treatment, we conduct detailed, lengthy educational discussions so that you, as the patient, have the necessary tools in hand for decision-making among therapeutic options. We also pay special attention to the temporal setting of all treatments, so that the most relaxing, de-stressing situations are created here as well.

We compile diagnostic information according to modern, sometimes complex analytical standards, and subsequently also provide therapy according to advanced high-end medical methods. For us, the benefits catalog of the statutory health insurance funds represents only basic care. Beyond this foundation, we have the most diverse services, diagnostic tools and state-of-the-art therapies in our practice portfolio. This means that we, as elective physicians, are completely free in the broad spectrum of modern medical services and you, as a patient, are free in the choice of these same modern medical services.

Admittedly, services that are not included in the catalog of services provided by the statutory health insurance funds are not covered financially. The reason for this is that the statutory health insurance funds are obliged to provide medically sufficient and appropriate basic care and to observe a cost budget.
Nevertheless, it is a great concern for us as socially committed elective physicians to strive for only a cost-based fair co-payment for modern medical services that cannot be found in the benefits catalog of the statutory health insurance funds.

For services that are included in the benefits catalog of the statutory health insurance funds, you will be reimbursed up to 80 percent of the standard rate set by the health insurance funds. Thus, as a patient, you initially make an advance payment, but are then reimbursed for all eligible costs by the health insurers. For other medical services, which are not covered by health insurance, you as a patient have to pay co-payments.

However, as elective physicians, we always strive to keep co-payments within fair limits that are commensurate with modern medical services, thus providing medicine that is as social as possible. In our experience, the vast majority of elective patients are happy to pay co-payments out of conviction, knowing that in return they enjoy many benefits – in terms of quality and quantity of diagnostic and therapeutic options as well as time of consultation.

The conclusion is that as an empowered patient, you have the choice and the right to get the best of both worlds. The extremes here are health insurance medicine, performance pressure and the resulting time limitations on the one hand, and on the other – private medicine, which is sometimes impossible to afford.

We dedicated elective physicians, on the other hand, strive to mitigate these two extremes and combine the best of both worlds for our patients. As a patient, you have the right to say, “I’m going to the doctor of my choice.”

Our credo as elective physicians:

We are elective doctors by conviction and are happy to take care of your health concerns, needs and problems, even with a great deal of time. We would like to support you intensively in these health issues and provide you with individual and targeted care according to modern medical standards.
Thus, you are the focus of our attention and are also considered in an interdisciplinary way.
Your satisfaction is close to our hearts, which is reflected in our lived attitude of listening to you and our patient-oriented service!

Not - Keeping appointments

Our entire team is always available for them with joy, commitment and expertise. For us, however, appointments require not only organizational planning, but also a certain amount of preparation.
If you are unable to keep an appointment, please cancel it at least 24 hours in advance. If appointments are not kept, we unfortunately have to charge a cost rate corresponding to the scheduled treatment.

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