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at the ZBZI – the Centre for Biological Dentistry and Implantology

and the Dental Office am Vorgartenmarkt in Vienna

Besides classic dentistry, biological dentistry also considers the interaction with the whole human organism. Hence biological dentistry represents a bridge between academic dentistry, but also scientific environmental dentistry on one side and alternative, holistic complementary medicine on the other side. Biological dentistry makes use of both science-founded and lab-based diagnostic and therapeutic approaches – in addition to integrative, holistic methods in an overall individual adaptation to the single person.

In many chronic or systemic diseases, such a connection can be established with diseases of the oral cavity (teeth, jawbones). We do not regard dental problems as isolated, but it is important to us to reveal the connections between disorders in the chewing system and other diseases of the organism. Many acute or chronic diseases in the body have their origin or intensification in the tooth or jaw area. Gingivitis, jawbone inflammation or toxic materials in the teeth sensitively place a burden on the immune system as well as on the whole nervous system. This is why we are committed to a biological-immunological treatment concept that eliminates disease factors from the tooth and jaw area.

Treatment in consideration of biological basic principles

The mouth and jaw area of the humans is much more burdened with heavy metals, toxic materials or dead tissue than most other regions of the body. Biological dentistry aims to remove as gently as possible all non-biological materials and all necrotic organ parts or foci of inflammation. Here only metal-free and neutral materials are used.

From the biological dentistry’s point of view, root-treated teeth can also represent interference fields, which require special attention. The immune system of the humans can compensate rather much, thus the connection between the oral cavity and symptoms in other regions of the body is often not immediately obvious. For decades during tooth treatment, poisonous materials were used to some extent. These are long-lasting and at first sight solve the dental problem, but harm the whole organism in the long run. Biological dentistry sets in right here and repairs or removes interference fields.

Interference fields in the oral cavity

Besides the acute and classic diseases such as caries, focal infections of the dental root or periodontitis, interference fields in the mouth as well as in the whole body also include non biological materials such as various metals or elements, like mercury, aluminium, lead, tin, arsenic, gold, silver, platinum, nickel, palladium, cadmium, chromium – to name a few. Next to these materials also root-treated teeth, inflammations at the root tip, chronic inflammations in the jawbone or various dysfunctions of the temporomandibular joint are the cause of diseases in other regions of the body. Due to these interference fields, the immune system of the body is constantly activated. Thus, the body is under permanent stress.

Research has shown that through the constant activated immune system, the body suffers a stress-related energy loss and is exposed to massive burdens. This is manifested, for example through chronic, constant tiredness already in the morning. A consistent biological restoration of the oral cavity is therefore not only absolutely recommendable for patients with already existing diseases, but suggested for all people, in order to prevent possible diseases.

Non-biological material for dental care can cause allergies. By using a lymphocyte transformation test (LTT), antigen-specific T-lymphocytes can be detected. After that it is possible to establish, which materials can be used safely. Biological dentistry does without the use of materials that potentially can cause allergies.

Identification of the trigger factors for inflammations

Unspecific inflammation - Höhne -

Thanks to modern laboratory diagnostics the factors, which are responsible for chronic foci of inflammation in the mouth and jaw area, can be reliably detected. These so-called trigger factors are, for example, dental supplies made of metals or plastics. Dead tooth material is also often determined to be a trigger of inflammations. Another trigger for immunological inflammatory reactions is the presence of devitalized teeth. Through these, organic intermediate products are formed, such as mercaptan or thioether, which can be triggering factors for inflammations.

Biological Dentistry at the ZBZI – the Centre for Biological Dentistry and Implantology and the Dental Office am Vorgartenmarkt in Vienna

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